Share Your Story

Share a story about an inspiring Connecticut PreK-12 public school teacher with us!  

We would love for teachers to share their own stories or for anyone who admires a Connecticut teacher to share a story about them.  We will share stories we receive on social media and select teachers to profile in further depth through Teachers of Connecticut.

Please select one of the two options below and complete the accompanying form.

Ideas for topics to focus on in the story you share, to jumpstart your brainstorming:

  • Explore the "why" behind a teacher's choice to teach;
  • Spotlight a specific success or some aspect of a teacher's own learning journey;
  • Share how a challenging situation was overcome and lessons learned;
  • Lift up an example of a teacher's efforts to go above and beyond for their students;
  • Share an innovation or example of creativity in the classroom;
  • Articulate a teacher's hopes for their class for the upcoming year.